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Tips for a better business

Posted on Wed 20 Jul 2011     No of views: 2908      No of Comments: 0            

“Who is not satisfied with himself will grow; who is not sure of his own correctness will learn many things.”

Once you have started out on a new restaurant venture, luring many customers isn`t too difficult, but in order to ensure that your business stays profitable, you have to strive for repeat customers. Which means, you have to make first time customers happy so they will come back and also tell others. It is here that good customer service holds the key as it forms the essence and lifeblood of any business irrespective of the industry.

So it follows that good customer service is the most important aspect of your restaurant business as well, perhaps even more important than the quality of food served. And in good customer service, the SMILE is the most important element. The essential attributes of cordiality, warmth and affability are all enshrined in the radiance of a "SMILE". The smile sets precedent to smooth communication between you and your guest, allowing you to serve him better. Even the food they say, tastes better when conjured by hands of love and served with a smile. Even in a telephone conversation, a smile should be mandatory for it reflects in the tone of voice. In this context, it is pertinent to mention that a phone call must be answered in not more than 4 rings. A prospective customer can then start to feel "Welcome" at the point of placing the reservation itself.

In the case of the restaurant business, customer service seldom rests in the hand of one or a few individuals. Every member of your staff forms a vital link in the chain that bolsters your effort to ensure cordiality and good customer service. From the person taking the reservation to the doormen to the receptionist in the lobby to the waiter at the table, the warmth and degree of geniality should be maintained. Never be curt in your replies and allows be willing to take that extra step by offering alternatives such as another dish on the menu should a guest`s choice be unavailable or out of season.

If telephone etiquette means that a phone should be answered promptly, the same protocol must be adopted while dealing with the customer in person. By all means, you should avoid making your guest wait too long for a table if he hasn`t made a reservation.

In the restaurant business as in any other, it is important to be a good listener. Right from the point of taking a reservation, listening skills have to sharp. There is nothing more vexing than explaining to someone what you want or what your problem is, like allergic foods, and then discovering that that person hasn`t understood or paid attention and you have to explain it again? For this purpose, it may also be good to have staff that is multi-lingual.

By following these basic rules in maintaining good customer service, you forge a relationship with your guests, a relationship that helps your business grow and prosper. Exceptional customer service keeps people coming back.

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