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"A person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the man doing it.”

Managing a restaurant means making sure that everything is running smoothly. Restaurant owners put a lot of trust in their managers. It is like putting their source of livelihood in their hands. The manager must be able to see to it that the standard of excellence is always maintained. There are some key areas that you should pay some special attention to if you want to be an effective restaurant manager:

Communication – To be an effective restaurant manager, you must have strong communication skills. You should be able to express clearly to your staff what you want to happen and give clear instructions. Having strong communication skills would also lessen the chances of having misunderstandings that would only lead to disgruntled employees and customers. It is important as well that as a restaurant manager, you are able to communicate firmly but with respect to your staff when it comes to making the restaurant run smoothly. That way there will be no friction or tense air in the workplace.

Staff Handling – A good restaurant manager must be able to communicate with the staff in a professional and courteous manner. You should not be too harsh or demanding since this will only make your staff discontented and you would soon lose them. But you should not be too lenient as well since this will allow your staff to take you for granted. You could lose control of your staff easily this way. You would have to be in between wherein you are firm while you are still being courteous to them. If you are able to get this balance then you are an effective restaurant manager.

Leading by Example – If you are unable to demonstrate and show your staff strong working ethics then you can expect your staff to copy the same attitude. As a restaurant manager you must be able to show the dedication to your work. You must have the initiative to encourage your staff and look for ways to improve the business. Show them how to treat your customers and make sure that you interact with them all the time.

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