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Fire Safety Tips for Restaurants

Posted on Sat 30 Jul 2011     No of views: 3198      No of Comments: 0            

“To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.”

Fire is a dangerous element for a restaurant. Each year, thousands of businesses literally "go up in flames." Fires can break a business, causing it to close its doors. Restaurants have additional risks because of the nature of cooking. Kitchens have numerous pieces of cooking equipment such as grills, ovens, stove top burners, and fryers that can cause fires; however, cooking mishaps are not the only way that fires are started--structural issues like faulty wiring can cause a fire. Establishing safety measures is vital in decreasing the chances of fire at a restaurant

Routine Checks

Safety should be a priority when running a restaurant.

Safety inspections are a vital part of running a restaurant, which can never be too cautious when it comes to fires. Ensure that stoves and ovens are turned off at closing. Unplug items that are not being used as an additional safety measure. Ensure that griddles are turned off and that they have been cleaned and are free of excess food that could cause a fire. Kitchen towels should be placed away from cooking surfaces. These are among the items that need to be checked on a regular basis.

Extensive Cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly will assist in fire prevention.

Cleaning is an everyday part of running a restaurant; it is also a safety measure. Cooking can cause grease to build up in various parts of the kitchen. An exhaust system is used to remove fumes; but a safety hazard can be created when grease builds up within the system itself. This can cause the exhaust fans to not function properly, increasing the chances of a fire. Remove excess grease from these areas as well as any dust buildup that can cause the equipment to malfunction. Wipe all stove and oven surfaces to remove food particles as well as any buildup in the creases of the appliances being used. In-depth cleaning, including the equipment that is designed to clear the kitchen, goes a long way in protecting against a fire.

Safety Equipment

Maintain service and inspection schedules on all extinguishers.

Having safety equipment such as fire extinguishers in place is critical. However, if you don`t properly maintain them, they will do you no good when you need them the most. Inspect fire extinguishers on an annual basis; they can malfunction if not serviced as scheduled. Be certain that freezers and refrigerators are working effectively. Faulty wiring or improperly maintained kitchen equipment can start a fire just as easily as a cooking mishap.

Employee Training

Training your employees can help them to prevent or stop a fire.

Training employees in how to properly use kitchen equipment as well as safety equipment such as fire extinguishers is vital in protecting your restaurant from fire. Using equipment improperly or not knowing how to use it if a fire breaks out can escalate the danger of the situation. Train employees in how to use all kitchen equipment such as stove tops, fryers, and grills. Using them, cleaning them and storing them should all be a part of any training program. This is invaluable in helping to prevent fires.


Take safety precautions to prevent fires in your restaurant.

Fire is a dangerous element that can destroy properties and take lives. Running a restaurant is hard work. Fire prevention should be paramount when running a restaurant. To protect your restaurant from the dangers of fire, implement some of these simple yet effective safety measures and always keep up with local fire ordinances.

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