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Suggestive Selling

Posted on Wed 20 Jul 2011     No of views: 3012      No of Comments: 0            

“If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

Suggestive Selling Definition

If suggestive selling was to be defined in its literal sense, it can be defined as a sales technique implemented by the sales staff in order to add some more revenue to the sale that has already taken place by suggesting some more good and useful products to the customer in his order of purchase.

Suggestive Selling and Customer Satisfaction

  • When you, as a sales personnel of the organization, suggest some good product and if the customer finds it really useful and worthy, he will definitely pay for it. Or if he does find it useful but not affordable, he will still appreciate your personal attention towards him and admire it. So customer satisfaction is achieved in both the sale and non sale events.
  • The extra attention you have provided with your suggestive behavior would help in customer retention, which thus forms the base of customer loyalty and also repeated business. In future, the customer would always prioritize your outlet, for buying something.

Suggestive Selling Tips

Here are some tips for supervisors as well as the staff members to implement suggestive selling techniques and promote your organizational sales.

  • If you are the one who deals with the customers directly and are responsible for selling anything, remember, not to interrupt the customer while he is buying something that he already wants. Suggest what you want once the customer finishes buying things. Such an interruption might create an element of doubt in the customer`s mind, that the staff is suggesting things only to increase the sales and they have no concern for his needs
  • Feel free to suggest things. Do not hesitate! You might lose that extra sale for your company due to your reluctance.
  • Understand the customer`s needs. Do not just suggest anything that comes to your mind, as this would create a negative impact on the customer`s mind. Therefore try to suggest something relevant to the customer`s requirements.
  • Avoid using words describing negativity such as don`t, not, cannot. Find some relevant positive words that would not change the meaning but would serve the purpose of expressing thoughts. For e.g. if you suggest something and the customer comes up with some different idea and unfortunately you do not have it, try to avoid answers such as, `We don`t have it` or `We do not serve it`. Try out with this, `We are extremely sorry but, we are unable to serve you with `ABC` right now`.
  • Another important tip is to `repeat` your suggestion to the other customers. It might happen that the customer you initially suggested something turns down the offer. Don`t get discouraged, as some other customer might like it. Go ahead and suggest! Just a word of suggestion shall not cost anything to either of the parties.
  • As a supervisor, you might find that your staff is not properly applying suggestive techniques or is lacking somewhere. So, impart some suggestive selling training to your staff. Inform them about the various products that the organization can sell, arrange workshops for selling and suggest them some ways to improve communication skills, confidence and suggestive selling etiquettes.

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